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Al-Tamayoz University cares about spreading the Islamic and Managerial sciences and helping individuals improve themselves.

Our Vision: Creating excellence.

Our Mission: Spreading the culture of excellence, motivating organizations towards achieving excellence, transferring expertise and successful experiments to all members of society.

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Excellence in Lexicon Dictionary:

The fact or state of excelling; superiority

Synonyms of excellence:

preeminence, transcendence, distinction, merit, virtue

Definition in the field of education:

The educational scientest Renzole defined excellence as one having abilitis above the normal rate, and having creative abilities, and abilities of work and achievement.

The excellence term:

The excellence with which you can excell means reaching your best performance, your best in your field and career, and the best in others, the best in the world, and the best of achievements in the world.

Reaching excellence:

Increasing your faith by performing good deeds and avoiding bad ones.
Professionalism by raising the production level, efficiency and effectiveness in your business or your career.
Relations by raising the level of the positive relationship with others.

Excellent Management:

1- Continued achievement growing with rising rates.
2- Excellent management = effective leadership + advanced manpower + strategic management + advanced technology + surrounding environment

Quotes About Excellence

  • Fear has only one source .. ignorance.
  • No one will give you another chance, you give yourself another one.
  • Learn, for not everyone is born a scientist. People with knowledge are different from those without.
  • Excellence is not a skill .. It is a behavior.
  • Excellence is doing ordinary things in an extraordinary way.
  • Excellence is one of the noblest things to strive for.
  • People who never make mistakes are those who do not learn absolutely.
  • There is no greater challenge than improving and developing yourself.
  • Owners of the great souls always face violent resistance from those who have simple minds.
  • Struggling for excellence is what motivates you.
  • Always remember what you are good at and stick with it.
  • Success is not an achievement as it is an ongoing capacity to accomplishment.
  • The superior person is modest in his speech but outstanding in his actions.
  • Master work better than refined saying.
  • The main thing in this world is not where have you been, but in which direction are you progressing.


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